Welcome to DIGIT Lab

At DIGIT Lab,  we address engineering challenges arising from impacts of extreme events, climate changes, and health crisis  on our civil infrastructure, urban systems, soil-water environment, and communities. Bearing two broad research thrust areas in mind, systems resilience and systems automation, we integrate cutting-edge technologies such as mechanical and probabilistic modeling, machine learning, generative artificial intelligence, unmanned vehicles, remote sensing, augmented reality, and digital twining to meet the complex challenges of our time.

Currently, our current research efforts are grouped according to three application domains:

  • Resilience Quantification for  Civil Infrastructure and Structures with Dynamic Transient Behavior 
    • Probabilistic Resilience Quantification Methods
    • Transportation Asset and Bridge System Resilience
    • Lifeline (Power, Rail, and Utilities) System Resilience
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Automation for Civil and Other Systems at Geospatial Massive Scales
    • Photogrammetric/Nondestructive Imaging, Remote Sensing, AI, Aerial Robotics, Augmented Reality, and Digital Twin Technologies
    • Automation for Civil Infrastructure Inspection and Disaster Reconnaissance
    • Precision Agriculture in the soil-water nexus
  • Substance Use Disorder
    • Risk modeling and communication technologies
    • Multi-agent resilience monitoring and scientific gaming

For Prospective Students

We are looking forward to supporting talented and motivated graduate students joining our group and pursuing advanced degrees.

When communicating with Dr. Chen, pls attach your recent resume or CV.

For Teachers

We are more than willing to hold outreach and learning sessions for K-12 students featuring the use of mobile imaging, drone sensing, and real-time analytics for understanding how to measure and how to achieve a greener and disaster-resilient community. Please contact Dr. Chen (chenzhiq@umkc.edu) for details.

A Disaster, Infrastructure, and Geointelligence Technology Lab