One of the goals of our lab is to enrich interdisciplinary computing and engineering education at k-12 levels, and particularly facilities outreach to underrepresented students. We have been working with the School of Computing and Engineering’s Prep-KC and Black & Veatch Engineering Explorer Post programs, and look forward to participating in more activities alike.


  • Prep-KC Lab Demo (Dec. 16, 2012) 

Prep-kc-2012-2aSmall-scale soil-structure shaking

Prep-kc-2012-1bReal-time mobile imaging and computing

  • Women in Engineering and Technology Program (May 21, 2011) 

Bldshaking-01Liquefaction and a sinking car!

Bldshaking-02Interactive dynamic demonstration of liquafaction

A Disaster, Infrastructure, and Geointelligence Technology Lab