Courses at UMKC

Classes taught since 2010 Fall
CEE 321 – Structural Analysis (undergraduate) Fall 2010-2014
CEE 276 – Strength of Materials (undergraduate) Spring 2013
CEE 421 – Matrix Methods (undergraduate) Spring 2012
CEE 5679 – Dynamics of Structures (graduate) Spring 2011/2013/2014
CEE 5501AE – Advanced Engineering Mathematics (graduate) Fall 2013/2014
CEE 5501AS – Applied Soil-Structure Analysis (graduate/continuing education) Spring 2013
CE421 – Matrix and Computer Methods (undergraduate; a revamped class based on the previous CE421) Spring 2015
CE5501MM – Matrix and Finite Element Methods (Graduate) Spring 2015
CEE 5501MF – Mathematical Foundation of Finite Element Methods (graduate; UM Course Sharing Award; co-instructor at UMKC) Spring 2015
Directed Reading

Dr. Chen also offers directed reading or continuing education in various topics in structural mechanics, multi-hazards engineering, soil-structure interaction and design, remote sensing, and advanced image understanding to interested senior undergraduates and graduate students. Interested students should contact Dr. Chen  directly.


Civil Systems Intelligence, a Disaster, Infrastructure, and Geointelligence Technology Lab